Should atheists be more like Mormons?

You would think that the Latter Day Saints would have folded by now. Their founder, Joseph Smith, was a convicted con-man that claimed he could translate Egyptian into English by looking at magic stones in a hat. (Those bogus translations are still Mormon scripture!) He was tarred and feathered and beaten unconscious by his own flock after he fleeced them in the Kirtland Bank Scandal. That crisis saw half of the church leave the faith, including most of the original 12 Mormon Apostles.

We disbelieve in *gods*, not just God

This seems like a simple thing, but it's actually pivotal, for two reasons.

Atheists do not believe in any gods, not just one specific "God". You surely wouldn't say you don't believe in Harry the Bigfoot, you would say you don't believe in any bigfeet at all. Same with gods. When you capitalize the singular word "God", you are talking about somebody's specific god. Why do that?

Respectful lesson from a religious person

Here is how to be open-minded and respectful, from a religious person! You've got to admit, this works.


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