Why did gays succeed where atheists have failed?

Americans like gays better then Evangelicals! Atheists are still as hated as ever. Ask yourself where atheism went wrong.

28 percent of Americans see Evangelicals unfavorably, compared with the 18 percent who feel similarly about the LGBT community, according to a study commissioned by the Human Rights Campaign and Americans for Marriage Equality.

Questioning What Would JT Do?

Recently, JT Eberhard posted a lengthy interaction with a theist on his blog at Patheos.com. You don't often see notable atheists seek out a believer for an online disagreement, but JT decided to insert himself into somebody else's conversation. (Impossible to image Hitchens doing that.) In his blog post, I think JT missed the bigger picture, and I respectfully laid out my opposing position.

Free atheist t-shirt giveaway needs your help

[Edit: The artwork has arrived, and seven layouts have been created. Vote for your favorite here.]

New Atheist Nation will be giving away high-quality custom-printed atheist t-shirts soon. What will they say? That's up to you! If you supply the winning slogan, and we will send free t-shirts for you and four of your friends.


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