Podcast Nearing Launch!

The New Atheist Nation podcast has been in the works for over a year. We are thrilled that we are nearing the completion of our first three episodes.

At the American Atheists Convention in Salt Lake City

Come visit us at our table at the American Atheists Convention in Salt Lake City. The convention runs today through Sunday.

The photo is Thomas King at our booth.

Why Give Away Free Atheist T-shirts?

NewAtheistNation.com is getting a strong response to our free atheist t-shirt design contest. Here is why we're doing it,

Make no mistake, these t-shirts cost money to design, print and mail. That's why atheist shirts normally cost around $20. The graphic artist, the printer, and the cartoonist all got paid for their service. Why are we pulling dollars out of our pockets to give you a free t-shirt?


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