An Unimpressive Sacrifice

A few weeks ago, C Henry wrote a sensible inquiry into what little Jesus sacrificed. That got me to thinking. I mean, what is being "temporarily dead" for three days mean to an eternal super-being? He wouldn't even need an aspirin. How can poorly-educated farm boy like me easily find so many huge holes in the Biblical resurrection story?

Ways to Not Argue with the Religious

Some atheists want to have more "debates", but not me. Life is too short. The religious never get it and I refuse to ruin my pleasant day for somebody's entertainment. Here are ways I *avoid* arguing with the religious. The key is not what I say, but what I hear *them* say.

First off, why are we talking? When the subject comes up, I say I'm an atheist. I say it like I say my favorite color is brown; just a fact. I should be able to state my position on gods without having a big discussion about it. I've only got so many breaths on this planet, and I've stopped wasting them.

Greta Christina Interview

Last night, I interviewed Greta Christina, who was speaking in San Jose on the topic of "coming out" for atheists. As a vocal member of the LGBT community, she had much to say about the positive effects of living "out of the closet". Christina is the author of a new book called "Coming Out Atheist: How to Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why". My interview with Christina will be included in an upcoming New Atheist Nation podcast.


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