Your wrong answer proves why atheists should stop debating

IQ test for atheists: which group of people refuses to believe established scientific fact in favor of their own pre-determined, biased beliefs? Your wrong answer demonstrates why atheists should stop bickering with religious people.

Not me, you say? Well then, acquaint yourself with groundbreaking scientific studies of fraternal and identical twins who were separated at an early age. Multiple studies worldwide provide dramatic evidence that genetics effect a surprising array of human conditions—including religious belief.

Quote, “a study in 1990 found that genetics account for 50 percent of the religiosity among the population — in other words, both identical twins raised apart were more likely to be religious or to be not religious, compared with unrelated individuals.

You are wrong to think your own atheism is purely a personal decision to adhere to scientific evidence. The fact that you got this answer wrong is ironic proof that you are unwilling—or unable—to accept a fact that contradicts your pre-conceived ideas. It’s fascinating; that’s precisely what we atheists accuse the religious of.

Like religious believers, atheists pick and choose which scientific facts to believe. For example, atheists are entirely willing to accept that studies show genetics affect sexual orientation. We say, you don’t decide to be gay, you are born with that tendency. Yes, certainly. But when the same type of research demonstrates that genetics influence a whopping 50 percent of religious belief, atheists turn a blind eye. Instead, we prefer to believe it’s simply a matter of conscious choice, in spite of proof to the contrary.

Does a person choose to be left-handed? No, of course you are born with that. So it is astounding to learn that another separated twin study shows the genetic factors influencing religious belief are twice that of hand dominance. (50% versus 26%) Would you debate a person over which hand they write with?

You would never treat a gay person the way atheists treat the religious. We think we can debate believers out of their faith using logic. Would you try to talk a gay person out of their homosexuality using logic? Atheists would welcome the evidence that genetic factors influence being gay (40%) while we turn our backs on even greater genetic factors (50%) for being religious.

If atheists truly go where the evidence leads them, it should be no more acceptable to beat religious believers with our logic stick than it would be to similarly debate with left-handed people or gays.

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