Why the number of non-believers dropped

A new reputable poll shows the number of non-believers has tapered off. Did you think the billion-dollar religion industry would go away without a fight? Do you think believers haven't noticed our numbers were growing? I can assure you religious organizations do a lot more than post snarky comments on Facebook. Unless you *work* for change, it won't happen.

For a group that prides themselves on reality and rationality, most atheists live in a deluded dream world where being mathematically right wins the debate. But answer this: How many atheist TV and radio shows play in your city? Zero, right? How many secular or atheist politicians fight for your ideas? None. How many pro-atheist laws were signed last year? Nadda, zip, zilch, zero.

What have you done to promote positive atheism today? If all you do is complain on the internet, then you have done *nothing* except make yourself feel superior. You think that atheism has been winning; but actually, religion and theism were temporarily losing. Atheism is one supreme court justice away from annihilation.

Right now, the average American can't name an atheist hospital or even business, or an openly atheist judge, senator, or movie star. Because almost none exist. A single megachurch in any major metro area has more political clout, more money and more active support than the entire American atheist movement. As a group so far, atheists are nearly as ineffective and powerless as gods are.

Our worldview will crush superstition when the number of atheist charities equal religious ones, when secular politicians and judges are commonplace. Simply put, that takes money and hard work, and those are in short supply for atheists.

Work hard to promote atheism. It won't happen by magic.

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