Why did gays succeed where atheists have failed?

Americans like gays better then Evangelicals! Atheists are still as hated as ever. Ask yourself where atheism went wrong.

28 percent of Americans see Evangelicals unfavorably, compared with the 18 percent who feel similarly about the LGBT community, according to a study commissioned by the Human Rights Campaign and Americans for Marriage Equality.

Very notable is that Americans now like gays better then Evangelical Christians. Yes, the gays are winning, and evangelicals are losing! 18% of Americans see evangelicals favorably, but half-again more are favorable to gays (28%).

Note that clearly, some believers have sided with the gays, although the religion they belong to still vilify them. This means that some of the people who till occasionally go to church believe gays are entitled to their civil rights. For example, 68% of people who attend church just monthly think it's not their business to judge the gays. Understand that these forward thinking people are still Christians. Moderate Christians are also potential supporters of atheism, too, if we let them.

I've known many, many gay men and women, and one thing I've never heard is a gay person talking shit about hetrosexuals. Compare that with the way online atheists talk about believers. Even angry outspoken gays talk about fairness. Angry atheists talk about stupidity. In other words, gays speak FOR equality, and atheists speak AGAINST religion. See the difference?

Overturning religiously-based laws requires voters, including moderate Christian voters. The next time you mock believers, remember that some of them side with decent respectful gays, and they might side with us, too.

Be respectful. Keep your goals in mind.

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