Free atheist t-shirt giveaway needs your help

[Edit: The artwork has arrived, and seven layouts have been created. Vote for your favorite here.]

New Atheist Nation will be giving away high-quality custom-printed atheist t-shirts soon. What will they say? That's up to you! If you supply the winning slogan, and we will send free t-shirts for you and four of your friends.

At, we believe portraying atheism in a positive light is a big win for everyone. You are going to be amazed how many people will react positively to your atheist t-shirt, and you will be surprised how good it feels to be a proud, public atheist. What's more, the people you meet will discover that their negative preconceptions about atheists are wrong. So, we want to get upbeat atheist t-shirts into the hands of thousands of atheists. There is no profit involved, we just think it's a good thing to do.

Your winning slogan will be short, upbeat, and eye-catching. Keep it positive; You can say good things about atheists without disparaging the opposition.

Here are some of our early slogan ideas. Feel free to play off these slogan concepts, or head in a new direction.

Good without gods? So are we!

Know a friendly atheist? You do now!

Just another happy atheist

Friendly neighborhood atheist

Atheist questions? Friendly answers.

To enter the contest, submit your slogan as a response to this message. The winner will receive five of the finished t-shirts for free. Keep it positive, and enter now!


Tim_MacDonald's picture

How about: "Atheist questions respectfully answered"?

Viola.DaGamba's picture

I'm Atheist: Respectful answers to any question

(I like the idea of using the t-shirt to start a conversation!)

Or how about just, "I'm atheist, questions welcome". Short and sweet.

I tried googling atheist t-shirt slogans, and almost everything is really demeaning and snarky. How does it help atheism to be mean to people? I hear atheists say they are only fighting the evil of religion, but I don't see how wearing antagonistic clothing helps atheism.

Some people need god to give their life reason. Others prefer Google.

atheism inside

Atheism: Live, laugh, love.*

*No god(s) required.

Friendly atheist,
questions welcome

I'm an atheist
Nice to meet you

Atheist: I find comfort in hugs, not prayer.

There is no Hell

Viola.DaGamba's picture

How about "Not religious? Neither are we!"

Oddly, there is an evangelical church in California using a similar slogan. Even churches are distancing themselves from religion.

Viola.DaGamba's picture

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