About the Podcast

We are getting ready to launch the New Atheist Nation podcast. Here is what it's about.

We want to start a new kind of atheist podcast, one that furthers the goals of atheism without mocking the competition. There is so much in science, skepticism and atheism that is exciting and positive.

The patron saint of our show is Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist Podcast. We like Seth's inclusive, gentle style, and we try to emulate it. His show is a big tent that includes all points of view without mocking or sarcasm. You'll hear more about that in our first episode, which features an interview with Seth, and outlines why his approach is a starting point for our podcast.

We take our show in a new direction, with a roundtable format that addresses pseudoscience, atheist activism, political and legal news, rationality, superstition, atheist charity work, outreach and activism. We can confidently say that our panel is the most culturally and religiously diverse team in the atheist podcasting world--bar none. With their wide-ranging viewpoints, our panel will take your atheism to new places in a serious, upbeat format.

Why not attack religion at every opportunity? Because we believe in keeping our goals in mind, and for most atheists, that means getting religion out of government and schools is a critical priority. We can't get creationism out of the biology classroom without political clout, and we won't have clout until we gather huge numbers of voters to the secular cause. And numerically, some of those supporters will have to be *religious* people who support the separation of state and church.

Atheists like you are moral people who want to make the world a better place with a smile on their face! The New Atheist Nation Podcast will help keep that smile there!

(We are nearing the completion and release of the first three episodes very soon!)